At Directus we have an expert, global knowledge when it comes to the food and beverage industry, and over 40 years of experience backing us. With offices around the Asia-Pacific Rim in Hong Kong, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, we supply ingredients and finished products to numerous great companies around the world. We also have the ability to provide process and pack technologies, along with product innovation and development.

Whether it’s developing a new product or taking your existing product to market, Directus can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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Directus Products


Directus Australia is HACCP accredited, a copy of our certificate is available on request. Our organic products have been certified through “Australian Certified Organic”. The factory where this product is manufactured is Quality accredited, a copy of the Quality certificate is availableon request Kosher and Halal status and certificates are also available on request if the factory is audited under these conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As part of our commitment to CSR, Directus Australia are now members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant. We have obtained silver status with Ecovadis.

Privacy Policy


Food Ingredients

This includes supplying fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, natural colours / flavours, fruit extracts, purees, NFC, pastes, frozen and canned products – as well as other ingredients – to a variety of leading food and beverage companies in the Asia-Pacific Rim. If you have a new product you’re looking to launch, talk to us – we may be able to supply you with the best quality ingredients to help you achieve your goal.

Finished Products

We also create a selection of finished, branded products that are supplied directly to the food service and supermarket trade, such as natural fruit snacks, rice crackers and much, much more. We trade in bulk and bottled wine, too.


We are representatives for the latest advanced machinery for processing and packing, freezing and drying, foreign matter detection, beverage lines and filling, waste water recovery systems, and centrifuges for solid removals.

Market Knowledge & Innovation

With our global network of offices, suppliers and contacts, we have the ability to provide our customers with timely market information helping you keep that competitive edge. Paired with contract management, inventory services and logistics, there are many ways we can be of service.